Breathe In Breathe Out!

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Breathe In Breathe Out 🙏

21st June-International Yoga Day!

Pranayam to Yoga
-A journey of nearly 18 years and getting cured of PCOD within six months of practice is a story to tell. Needless to mention the thrill to be fit with good weight management .
Thanks to the people who urged us to attend the Patanjali Shivir in Haridwar.
With all the benefits of learning to chant OM, practice Bhastrika,Anulom- Vilom,Kapal Bhati,Bhramari ,Ujjayi mainly and the Asanas,it has certainly helped me a long way.
Knowing the correct breathing techniques,ways to calm the nerves,reducing stress and anxiety,it has been the best learning experience.
More importantly,it was mentioned during the training that to an extent internal problems also get sorted out.I eagerly continued to see the outcome.
Much to my surprise,severe PCOD problem got cured with Pranayam and Yoga.A doting practice of six months then which I can really vouch for.Thus it started and there is no stop button for a healrhy life.
 A belief in the practice takes one a long way. We all need a zeal to go on.
Wishing you all the best for The International Yoga Day🙏
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