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Over the years, I have been this way which makes me what I am today.A warm thank you to each one who has engulfed me with love and affection right from the beginning.

To embark upon the journey of life, one is expected to be accomplished.We all need to feel we belong and are accepted. Thus to emerge as a confident personality ,I reinvent myself to be successful in life.

Hard work, perseverance, and foresightedness are the keys to success. I have always wanted to live a life of goodness and satisfaction. Many factors come in the way of an ideal kind of life but positive thinking created a huge impact on me.

It has built an admirable character and has improved my individuality.By having a positive mind, I am able to think better, decide wisely and rationally and choose what is deemed right.I actually have felt that the impact of positive thinking on me has created a good impression on others.

I have been brought up in a well-disciplined

Defence  Family.The constant advises from doting parents and sister in the growing years has definitely  shaped my mind  beautifully and strong to overcome obstacles in life.

Happily Ever After is not a Fairytale, it is a choice as said and it is true.I am glad that we chose each other.The encouragement and support to achieve has always come as a thrust from my partner and I never stopped.

Being a mother of two smart boys is an experience.They teach me to be full of life and energy all the time.

Academically, A post Graduate in English and Personnel Management and A Bachelor in Education.

I have an aura to motivate people and mostly women to stand up for their own self and have a dignity for themselves.

My journey up till now has been very fruitful. Though there were ups and downs I had a stern mind to not let any negativity affect me in any way.




A News Reader, A Language Trainer, FM Radio Jockey , Counselling, Educator, Motivaitonal Speaker , Soft Skills Trainer Internationally Certified Image Consultant Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever.A Brand Myself!!


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