Design your Personal wardrobe

Nabanita Basu Ranaut

Know the Art and Science of dressing with Style and Integrity.

Your Image should communicate who you are when people see you, hear you and see your work and your wardrobe should be always working right for you.To make yourself feel special,make friends with new clothes too.

Be An Achiever At All Times!!

Nabanita Basu Ranaut

How Will I Do It?

Sort out your wardrobe — Closet Analysis

Refresh your wardrobe with what flatters you!!

Mix And Match

Discard what is not required–Donate to the needy

Evaluate Accessories

Be A Travel PRO–Travel Smart-Cluster Packing!

Duration:  3-5 Hours





Style check Connect for being a Personal Brand


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A News Reader, A Language Trainer, FM Radio Jockey , Counselling, Educator, Motivaitonal Speaker , Soft Skills Trainer Internationally Certified Image Consultant Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever.A Brand Myself!!


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