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Nabanita Basu Ranaut

Carving her own niche,navigating through her grace and exuberance,Nabanita as a trainer for Grooming and Self Development for school goers and professionals is nurturing confidence and positive thinking amongst them.

As a Professional Image Consultant, she is certainly going to make a mark to recreate,redefine and enhance the inner strength to have an overall developed image of individuals.
I wish her all the best for the future.

Principal , Delhi Public School Siliguri

More than a decade back while setting up a Personality Development cum Spoken English Institute by the name of “HERO MINDMINE”,we were lucky to have a Trainer Associate ,Nabanita.She had been a tremendous support in helping us build the foundation of the institute.A hard working and a responsible person and most of all her caring,soft as well as dynamic nature has transformed many who have been under her expertise.All of this not only makes her a favourite with the people she works with but also the professionals she coaches.Her dedication has been fruitful to the organisation and the people who have been associated with her.
I can vouch for whatever she delivers in all her future assignments.
Wishing her success in life.
Mr.Parikshit Shaha

Having known Nabanita for nearly two decades,it is overwhelming to see her moving on at every step.As  a Professional Anchor, she has the zeal and confidence to take on any show with pride.We have had the experience to perform in  many shows together.
As a professional Image Consultant ,I am sure to see her reach her expectations with the values and skills to enhance one’s image.
I wish her all the very best  for future endeavors.
Mr.Kalyan Deb

Event Manager

A guide,motivational support and a friend. Nabanita has been a constant support for me from many years.From letting me overcome my weakness and making the weakness as my strength,I admire her for all and look forward for it at every step.
It is great to see her in yet another form of an Image Consultant to enhance individuals.Looking forward for an impressive image and skills in people.
Ms.Sushila Rao



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