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Nabanita – Image Consultant

ICBI Trained Internationally Certified.
Conselle Institute Of Image Management,USA


Nabanita – Image Consultant

ICBI Trained Internationally Certified.
Conselle Institute Of Image Management,USA

By doing what you love,you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

My journey as an Image consultant has begun with a bright sunshine because I believe life is all about making an impact and being positive.So here we are into recreating ourselves.

 Whatever your age,whoever you are-I respect.If you want to look impressive then here is the way to go.A hand extended to help you transform your appearance with confidence.

A First Impression of you is forming whenever or wherever you meet someone professionally or personally and that leads to a lasting impression. Creating a powerful positive first impression is the key to success in personal,professional and social life.

Building a positive Image is very essential and a life long process.

 As an Internationally Certified Image Consultant,my guidance will help you to project a winning image in all aspects.

Enhance your Image with me!!

I will incorporate in you an appropriate dressing style as per your roles and goals.Dressing so as to respect your body shape and suggest ways and means to create an attractive image,having proper etiquette and body language,develop communication skills,polished traits which is  essential for corporate,social,personal or any occasion.

Identify The Real You!

"Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever. Endorse yourself as a Brand!!!!"

Nabanita Basu Ranaut

Create An Incredible ‘YOU’ A BRAND!!


Breathe In Breathe Out

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Style Consultation

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Wardrobe,Workwear and You!

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Prep Up Positive

Prep Up Positive!Prep Up Positive!..... Hello people! Let's talk about a  positive image of yourself. "Your image affects the way you think,feel,speak or act and the way others react or respond to you"-That's dressing from inside out....J.Rasband. Dressing up is an...

Here’s from Me to You

Here's from Me to You​ !! Here's from Me to You.....   Let's talk about Personal Style and Clothing.   Each of us have our own personal style.A simple print to a bold colour, a design and length of your neckpiece,choice of clothing and accessory will communicate your...

Size doesn’t matter,Fit does

Size doesn't matter,Fit does !! Size doesn't matter,Fit does   Hello people! There your thoughts are- Lose weight to reach a certain size to buy anything or wear anything..... YOU MAY BE WRONG!!! Instead flatter your body with clothes that gives the best Fit. Dressing...

Women’s Day Specials

Personal Shopping Offers On The Go!!Image consultant as a Personal Shopper Be it offline or online-Shopping is happening as and when required.And if an Image Consultant is your Personal Shopper, it becomes all the more interesting and exciting.As an Image Consultant,I...

Grooming and Self Development

Grooming and Self Development 1 JAN, 2018 School Children enjoy getting trained and being treated different. Nurturing an interest to manage themselves in a better way is a skill and I am glad to be a part to create an awareness of having a good personality . Making...

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A News Reader, A Language Trainer, FM Radio Jockey , Counselling, Educator, Motivaitonal Speaker , Soft Skills Trainer Internationally Certified Image Consultant Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever.A Brand Myself!!


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