Breathe In Breathe Out

Breathe In Breathe Out!

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Breathe In Breathe Out 🙏

21st June-International Yoga Day!

Pranayam to Yoga
-A journey of nearly 18 years and getting cured of PCOD within six months of practice is a story to tell. Needless to mention the thrill to be fit with good weight management .
Thanks to the people who urged us to attend the Patanjali Shivir in Haridwar.
With all the benefits of learning to chant OM, practice Bhastrika,Anulom- Vilom,Kapal Bhati,Bhramari ,Ujjayi mainly and the Asanas,it has certainly helped me a long way.
Knowing the correct breathing techniques,ways to calm the nerves,reducing stress and anxiety,it has been the best learning experience.
More importantly,it was mentioned during the training that to an extent internal problems also get sorted out.I eagerly continued to see the outcome.
Much to my surprise,severe PCOD problem got cured with Pranayam and Yoga.A doting practice of six months then which I can really vouch for.Thus it started and there is no stop button for a healrhy life.
 A belief in the practice takes one a long way. We all need a zeal to go on.
Wishing you all the best for The International Yoga Day🙏
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Style Consultation

Style Consultation!

Style Consultation !

Hello people…Let us know what happens in Style Consultation at NabanitaImage.

Style is all about you but a consultation helps to ease out the confusions which at times are big enough to make us go crazy.
We all have our own Personal Style but does it match your personality,appearance, online/offline work?
Know more….
A style consultation shall help to *identify a client’s best suitable colours.
*Determine the body type and recommend the perfect shape of clothing .
*The right cuts,patterns and designs of outfits as per body proportions.
*Facial features analysis for the best suited jewellery,make-up,hairstyle.
See you soon.
Enhance your Personal Style.

Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever.”

Wardrobe,Workwear and You!

Wardrobe,Workwear and You!

Hello people!

Wardrobe,Workwear and You!
coordinates,Suits and some more.
How generous are you to use the best from your wardrobe for your workwear?
Workwear has to be an appropriate one and to say that if you have to spend maximum hours at your workplace then your attire has to be appropriately best and  comfortable no matter the price tag.
All that is perfect to wear for your work needs to be WORN and not kept stacked just because you have spent a fortune.
For me, the satisfaction  to have used up all what is appropriate for work is worth . I have been generous to wear all my suitable sarees to work .The glittery or dazzling ones didn’t get much place of course!
Ideally we spend a lot number of hours working and it is important to gear up appropriately best each day. That gets us going.
Connect for appropriate consultations. Watsapp your message and you will surely get a reply.
See you again.

Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever.”

Prep Up Positive

Prep Up Positive!

Prep Up Positive!…..

Hello people!
Let’s talk about a  positive image of yourself.
“Your image affects the way you think,feel,speak or act and the way others react or respond to you”-That’s dressing from inside out….J.Rasband.
Dressing up is an art as we know.Your way of dressing up tells a lot about you.
My personal experience and the thought process is the same.
Every morning is a new beginning for me and mind you,each morning is not the same or good as the previous one.
One needs to think positive so my positivity preps me up to prepare myself to my satisfaction according to the occasion / work professional or personal. 
I look into the mirror happily with a smile on my face,pull out the appropriate attire and walk out with confidence and grace no matter the workload,the mood swings,the everyday nitty gritty.
I believe if one feels good about self,all things fall in place.There are moments that turn us down but the positive approach towards life can make a bountiful change and bring happiness.
Gratitude always!
Connect for professional consultation to know more.
See you again!

Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever.”

Here’s from Me to You

Here’s from Me to You​ !!

Here’s from Me to You…..

Let’s talk about Personal Style and Clothing.
Each of us have our own personal style.A simple print to a bold colour, a design and length of your neckpiece,choice of clothing and accessory will communicate your thoughts.
A balance thus should be created to have a harmony .
Attention goes to contrast . Contrast in line,shape,colour,texture,pattern and size.Select your piece with regards to the occassion personal or professional. The colour,fabrics,patterns used in combination show the degree of your mood and message.
Express your personality with suitable elements .
The Yin elements create an appearance of approachability,warmth and softness.
The Yang elements in clothing create an appearance of boldness,assertiveness and strength.
The straight,angular style lines and shapes,matched suits,firm fabric will convey an authoritative official look.
The coordinated sets  of clothing with jackets is considered to be less formal,accessible.
Softer curved style lines,softer fabrics,florals mixed with some straight,angular lines communicates flexibility,cooperative and approachable.
The without collar look,softer fabric,lines and styles  is casual and easy going.
To remember,anything distracting to the purpose of business,education or leadership does not belong so that says torn,transparent, too short that bares the skin is not acceptable at formal/work occasions.
Your clothing selection and personal style generally reflects traits within your range.
Those who value only function in dress generally stick to Classics because the looks are considered ‘Safe’.
Those who value casual life will stick to Sporty.
Those who value expressiveness and creativity will generally want a range of style types.
Are you the Yin or the Yang type?
Consult a professional to know your Personal Style.
See you again.

Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever.”