Here’s from Me to You​ !!

Here’s from Me to You…..

Let’s talk about Personal Style and Clothing.
Each of us have our own personal style.A simple print to a bold colour, a design and length of your neckpiece,choice of clothing and accessory will communicate your thoughts.
A balance thus should be created to have a harmony .
Attention goes to contrast . Contrast in line,shape,colour,texture,pattern and size.Select your piece with regards to the occassion personal or professional. The colour,fabrics,patterns used in combination show the degree of your mood and message.
Express your personality with suitable elements .
The Yin elements create an appearance of approachability,warmth and softness.
The Yang elements in clothing create an appearance of boldness,assertiveness and strength.
The straight,angular style lines and shapes,matched suits,firm fabric will convey an authoritative official look.
The coordinated sets  of clothing with jackets is considered to be less formal,accessible.
Softer curved style lines,softer fabrics,florals mixed with some straight,angular lines communicates flexibility,cooperative and approachable.
The without collar look,softer fabric,lines and styles  is casual and easy going.
To remember,anything distracting to the purpose of business,education or leadership does not belong so that says torn,transparent, too short that bares the skin is not acceptable at formal/work occasions.
Your clothing selection and personal style generally reflects traits within your range.
Those who value only function in dress generally stick to Classics because the looks are considered ‘Safe’.
Those who value casual life will stick to Sporty.
Those who value expressiveness and creativity will generally want a range of style types.
Are you the Yin or the Yang type?
Consult a professional to know your Personal Style.
See you again.

Recreate Your Image and Make a great First Impression to Last Forever.”