Wardrobe,Workwear and You!

Hello people!

Wardrobe,Workwear and You!
coordinates,Suits and some more.
How generous are you to use the best from your wardrobe for your workwear?
Workwear has to be an appropriate one and to say that if you have to spend maximum hours at your workplace then your attire has to be appropriately best and  comfortable no matter the price tag.
All that is perfect to wear for your work needs to be WORN and not kept stacked just because you have spent a fortune.
For me, the satisfaction  to have used up all what is appropriate for work is worth . I have been generous to wear all my suitable sarees to work .The glittery or dazzling ones didn’t get much place of course!
Ideally we spend a lot number of hours working and it is important to gear up appropriately best each day. That gets us going.
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